Create a dropdown list

How to create a dropdown list easily in Google Sheets

When you work with Google Sheets, you will often need to have a column where all the values must belong to a “list of possible values”. In this article I propose you an easy way to create in Google Sheets a drop-down list, without formulas thanks to the add-on Sheet Tools

Create a dropdown list , video tutotial

Here is a video showing how to create a dropdown list with Google sheet Tools, as we know that a lot of people appreciate demonstration.

For the readers, you can just follow the next 4 steps.

Step 1: Install Sheet Tools

If not already done you,here are instructions to install Sheet Tools ! Instructions are located here!

Step 2: Launch Dropdown list tool

Open Sheet Tools and pick the “Dropdown list” tool from the long list of tools available in the add-on.

launch dropdown list tool for google sheet

Step 3: Select the values for the dropdown list

In your data sheet, select the items that should make up your list, then click on the “Data List Ready!” button. A preview of your list (the first 10 values) is displayed to help you validate that you pick the right values.

select values to create your dropdown list

Step 4: Select the cell where the dropdown list will be created

Choose where you want your list to be created, then click “Create Dropdown”: that’s it!

select the cell to create your dropdown list